About Us:

Biran Herndon specializes in strategic tax and retirement planning. He is on a mission to provide his clients with comprehensive, holistic planning services to help them feel financially confident for years to come. He sees his clients as family and loves seeing them enjoy their successes.

Biran started out as a tax advisor/preparer working with one of the nation’s largest income tax preparation firms. He became one of their youngest office managers and ran one of their Premium tax offices.

After working with the tax firm for 12 years, He joined one of the top financial firms in Orlando as their Advanced Tax and Estate Planning Director, where he helped high net-worth individuals, real estate investors and business owners legally reduce their tax liabilities and protect their wealth.

He quickly realized the issue of tax reduction was not the only area of concern for his clients.

After realizing the issue of tax planning and wealth planning are not being properly coordinated with the Client’s overall financial picture, he wanted to give his clients a more thorough, well rounded, guidance encompassing both disciplines into a client centered, holistic approach towards maximizing their tax-free income and wealth.

He left corporate America to start his own boutique tax advisory and holistic retirement planning practice with one goal in mind: To help his clients realize greater wealth and financial security, while paying the least amount of taxes possible.

A graduate of ITT Tech, he lives in Melbourne, FL with his wife Michele and enjoys reading and travel. He is a Certified Tax Master and a member of the Tax Master’s Network.