Tax Planning

When was the last time your CPA came to you with an idea on how to save you money on your taxes? Not all CPAs and accountants are well educated in tax planning strategies. Most are only focused on compliance but don’t know how to dig deep into the tax code to find their clients the tax savings they deserve. So how can you reduce your tax burden and hold on to more of your income? The road to a better tax return starts with a more qualified tax professional.

Tax Laws Are Complex

The United States tax code is currently over 80,000 pages long with new revisions and legislation bringing changes all the time. Unless you make it your business to know the current tax laws inside and out, how will you identify the best tax reduction strategies?

We are Experts in Proactive Tax Planning

The specialized training our firm has as a Certified Tax Master enables us to rescue thousands of dollars from being paid in unnecessary taxes every year. We can find tax credits and deductions that the average CPA, accountant, or even an Enrolled Agent can easily miss. We know how to leverage legal and ethical tax loopholes that bring the highest tax savings possible to our clients.

Find Ways to Reduce Your Tax Burden

When you become our client, we will educate you on how to reduce your tax burden and we will make it easy. We will explain what you need to do and why in language you can understand and guide you on practical steps you can take right now to start reducing your taxes.

Your Trusted Tax Advisor

When you sign on with Elite Tax Advisory Services LLC, we strive to build a longstanding relationship as your personal tax advisor. You can count on us to be courteous and responsive when you have tax questions and financial concerns, and we will always look out for your best financial interests. We make it our business to constantly revise and update your tax strategy as tax laws change so you can be confident that you stay compliant with new regulations and always get the best tax savings possible.

Tax Planning by Other Firms

The average cost of tax planning by other firms ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, with most firms billing hourly with no promise to significantly reduce your taxes.  This presents a risk to clients who may not receive a great tax plan that can significantly reduce their tax bill. This model defeats the purpose of tax planning, which is to reduce your taxes. We believe that great tax advisors are an investment that should be able to reduce your tax bill in excess of their costs. That’s why we’ve adopted a pricing model that guarantees that our tax plans work, or your money back.

A Better Model for Tax Planning Pricing

Guaranteed Tax Savings, or Your Money Back

We believe that your tax savings should exceed the costs to create your tax plan. That’s why we guarantee that our tax plans will generate at least 2x our fee in tax savings. In some cases, our plans generate 3-5x our fee. This creates a true partnership that is aligned towards your end goal – saving money on taxes. All our tax plans are backed by our money-back guarantee*.


Low-risk, Money-Back Guarantee

Our tax plans are guaranteed to reduce your taxes, and we back that up with our money-back guarantee. Simply put, we will refund 100% of the plan’s cost if it does not identify at least double the price of the plan in estimated tax savings.

*Tax Planning Guarantee: We will refund up to 100% of our tax planning fee upon all of the following conditions being present: 1) Your plan does not identify at least double the price of the plan in estimated tax savings; 2) Your business earns over $100,000.00 per year in revenue; 3) you provided all required information to create your tax plan. Actual tax savings vary for each client based on their unique tax situation.