Tax Preparation

Most people dread tax season. Working hard all year long only to hand a huge chunk of your profits and income over to the IRS really hurts but we can ease your pain.

We’re not the average tax firm. In addition the standard training required, we attend special training as a Certified Tax Master and can create a personalized tax strategy that will save you thousands.

A traditional tax preparer knows how to put the right numbers in the right boxes but doesn’t know how to find real tax savings. Our firm is different because we’re highly educated in proactive tax planning techniques for small business owners, real estate investors, and individuals.

The path to a better tax return starts long before April. We work with successful business owners and individuals like you to create personalized solutions for reducing your tax burden and your stress level so you don’t have to fear tax time.

Skilled tax preparation services are important, but tax planning must come first. Long before it’s time to prepare your tax filings, we’ll create a customized Tax Strategy that’s just for you. We gather information from you on your homes, businesses, investments, and past tax returns and use it to identify specific strategies that will limit your tax exposure. Your plan will include federal and state level tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that most accountants miss and the average taxpayer would never know about. The results are BIG tax savings when we prepare your tax return at year end.

We offer full-service tax preparation to our clients as well as a wide range of financial and retirement planning services. We work with you on a personal level to determine the best solution for your unique needs, then couple it with our seasoned expertise to achieve the best possible results.